Farmers & Vendors

Meet our Farmer: Neil’s Sharpening Service

neilsThough he does not plow or plant, our featured vendor Neil Jacob gets “honorary farmer” status. His services are important in preparing your kitchen for culinary treasures from the farmers’ market and sharpening your tools to get your own garden in good order.

A self-proclaimed “old hippie,” Neil Jacob enjoys meeting his customers, hearing their stories and putting new life into their tools.  Farmers’ markets are the primary venue for Neil’s Sharpening Service, and Neil takes pride in providing quality work to local consumers. Neil and his staff sharpen a wide variety of items from dainty tweezers to weathered lawn mower blades.  On Neil’s market table, you are likely to find knives, scissors, garden tools, chainsaws, circular saw blades, hair clippers, drill bits, paper cutters, axes and hatchets. Occasionally, he sharpens old swords and other exotic blades.

Neil Jacob explored many career paths before carving out his niche in the sharpening business. After a decade behind a corporate desk as the purchasing director for a global, privately-owned food and flavoring company, Neil moved on to more relaxed ventures.  He ran two locksmith shops in New Jersey for several years, then married his sweetheart Rosemary and moved to Church Street in Ambler.  Semi-retired, yet always the entrepreneur, Neil began to explore farmers’ markets. Soon, he was trying his hand at selling dog treats, firewood, smoking/grilling woods, bird houses, bird feeders and worm tea.  Then, three years ago, someone asked if he could sharpen knives.  Having been a butcher at one time, Neil put an old skill to work.  Neil invested in a new machine and started with one market, which quickly grew to more than thirty markets in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

neilIf you have an item that needs to have a nick removed, a tip re-pointed or a blade sharpened, Neil’s Sharpening Service can get you back in shape.  He charges approximately $4 to $12 per item, depending on the length of the blade.  Neil’s Sharpening Service accepts cash payments and will gladly grind away your blade’s imperfections while you peruse the rest of the farmers’ market’s offerings.  Neil’s Sharpening Service returns on August 3rd, so start collecting your items and mark your calendar!


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