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Meet Our Farmer: Clay Brick Farms

In anticipation for our 2014 season, we are going to begin highlighting our vendor line-up to help our patrons get to know our producers. One of the most awesome parts of a farmers’ market is the ability of the customers to get to know the people that grow and bake and catch and raise their food. If you truly are what you eat, the least you should be able to do is to look the person in the eye who helped raise you! We are taking it a step further and giving you a little background about the people you will be interacting with at market over the Spring and Summer while you enjoy the season’s bounty. Bon Appétit!

Clay Brick Strawberries

We begin our “getting to know you tour” with Clay Brick Farms out of Pequea, Pennsylvania. Clay Brick is a returning producer and many of you will remember Steve Rineer as the purveyor of quality produce and meats that you couldn’t get enough of in 2013. He and his wife Donna started their farm in November 1991 and are proud to be able sell their products directly to the consumer as they do at our market. They strive to supply the most healthy and delicious products so that when one of their customers sits down for a meal, it is always a good experience

good eating

Clay Brick Farms’ Cows and Chickens enjoy plenty of fresh air and are healthy and happy. They are raised without any chemicals on them or in their food source. Clay Brick uses NO antibiotics in their meats either. Steve intimates: “I told a salesman one day, all you need to raise beef is sun and rain to grow grass and cattle to eat the grass and keep it fertilized for you. Anything else just makes it more complicated.” Well put!

Clay Brick also comes to market with a wide array of seasonal produce including, but not limited to, asparagus, beans, beats, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, eggplants, lettuce, peppers, potatoes, various berries, melons and more!

There is even more to look forward to! Besides delicious meats and fresh delectable produce, Clay Brick also brings canned goods to market – all produced on the farm and from farm produce, of course.

The Rineers take great pride in the care they give to their animals and their produce and this is reflected in the quality of their goods. Be sure to pay a visit to them this market season and you will taste this quality!


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