Meet Our Vendor: Alice Bakery and Confectionary

Dennis Darr’s love of baking started at a young age. His grandmother, Alice, would save the leftover crust just for him so he could make petite jam filled pastries. Inspired by his Grandmother, Dennis decided to pursue a career in baking and named his shop in her honor. One of his fondest baking memories is of the 3rd grade when he made fortune cookies for his classmates.

Through the years, Dennis held several positions in the food industry from starting out as a bartender, moving on to become a chef DE cuisine, and eventually to become a pastry chef. As his passions from his childhood grew, his dream of opening his own bakery grew as well. This dream would last over a ten-year span before applying to the French Pastry School in Chicago, Illinois in 2007.

While attending the French PastrySchool, Dennis landed a job with Art Smith (Oprah’s personal chef) at his brand new restaurant, Table 52. Art focused on comfort foods your mother or grandmother would make, but took them to the next level. During his employment, he appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2007 and even appears on her website. Table 52 was packed every night and Dennis had the opportunity to cook for some very important people including: President Barrack Obama, Robert Redford, Lisa Ling, and Al Roker.

Dennis takes great pride in his many accomplishments from his experience in Chicago including receiving a diploma from L’Art de la Patisserie. It was there that he was able to work alongside Sebastian Cannonen MOF and Jackie Pfeiffer, two highly-esteemed pastry chefs in the world.

Most recently, Dennis has found a beautiful storefront in his hometown of North Wales, PA. He is very excited about meeting great people and being able to give them the utmost quality in food and customer service. Dennis would like to thank his fabulous wife, friends and family who encourage and support him to fulfill his dream in opening his bakery, Alice Bakery and Confectionary.

This article was adapted from Dennis Darr’s Website with his permission.


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