Memorial Day Weekend and the Ambler Farmers’ Market – Grass-Fed Beef Edition

Ethan 150691028611

It’s Memorial Day Weekend right? And you know you are going to be Barbecuing right? Since we have agreed so far, you should probably take our advice and stop at the Ambler Farmers’ Market to pick up a lion’s share of 100% Grass Fed Beef for the Barbie!

Grass-Fed beef begins as tender as any other beef, however, it can become tough if you cook it like you would cook any other beef. The reasoning behind this actually comes from the fact that Grass-Fed Beef is leaner than conventionally raised Beef. Because fat acts as an “insulator”, when meat has little fat, heat conducts quicker and can toughen the Beef. The trick is to cook Grass-Fed Beef slowly and DON’T OVERCOOK IT! Good news is that since there is less fat, you won’t notice considerable shrinkage on the grill.

Another tip is that if you plan on grilling Grass-Fed Burgers (and who isn’t?) use caramelized onions or roasted peppers to add moisture to the meat. Again, DO NOT OVERCOOK! These burgers should take about 30% less time to cook than regular ones AND you should take them off of the grill 10 degrees before it reaches the desired temperature – it would behoove you to invest in a meat thermometer. Don’t forget to preheat your grill.

With these tips, and quality Grass-Fed Beef from market, your barbecue is bound to be the meat of your friend’s and family’s conversations for weeks to come!



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