Welcome to the Ambler Farmers’ Market

We hoped you enjoyed Ambler resident and market patron Joe Ronca’s vision of Opening Day at our market as much as we did. Market has never looked so beautiful and we are humbled by Joe’s portrayal.

Producer, Filmmaker, Graphic Designer, Musician and Foodie, Joe Ronca has lived in Ambler for about 12 years after getting back from film school in New York City. He has produced videos for companies across the country and has traveled the world shooting video. A self-described lover of Ambler, Joe has also produced a couple of commercials for the Ambler Skate Shop, designed a logo for the Ambler Candidate Community Meeting as well as a logo/tshirt design for Ambler Music.

For three years he has also produced an online sketch comedy show called Yes, Hello! www.yeshello.tv – shot almost entirely in Ambler!

This summer he will be directing his first feature length movie called “By The Dashboard Light” – a comedy about a driving instructor that will be shooting, of course, in Ambler!

Joe really appreciates our borough! He summed it up to us – “Basically I just love this town and enjoy doing whatever I can to make it great.”

Your video of market goes a long way towards that end Joe, and for that we thank you!


Joe let us know that next month he will being an Indiegogo fundraising campaign for his movie, “By the Dashboard Light” Show your support at facebook.com/bythedashboardlight


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