Rainy Days on Saturdays Don’t Always Get Us Down!

Wow, what a day!

After last season’s perfect weather record and this season’s “nearly perfect” weather, we had a doozy of a day at market today! Rain, wind, then a mild respite and then more rain and wind. Sounds like a perfect market day, right? We would have pictures but the market manager didn’t want to take his camera out for fear of water damage. La-di-da.

This blog’s purpose isn’t to rehash weather though. Instead, let’s talk about how today really showcased how committed we all are to making the market a success. When I say we, I mean everyone. I mean the vendors, who start their work while most of us are sleeping and continue to work all the live long day so we can enjoy the fruits of their labor (pun intended Frecon!). Then, they stand in the rain all morning with hopes of making someone’s day with a Nectarine or Eggplant or a delicious baked confection. Without them, there is no market.

The market manager’s commitment is as strong as his beard is long. He ran around in the rain today moving signs, rearranging vendor stalls, looking for a working power outlet for vendors, conversing with and helping vendors throughout the day. Without him, there is no market.

The Ladies of the Ambler Steering Committee were all on hand throughout the day to help process credit card payments, direct customers, and also make all who braved the weather feel welcome. They brought the market to Ambler and their efforts to cultivate community through food truly represent the heart of the market. We can say figuratively and literally say that without them, there is no market.

Finally, we cannot discount you, the customer. This was a rainy, stinky day but you were undaunted. Vendor after vendor was impressed with the turnout on what would usually prove to be a lousy day. We at the Ambler Farmers’ Market are proud that our customers are so connected to the market that inclement weather doesn’t slow you down. You need your apples, your chard, your baguette and you don’t care if you have to stand in the rain to get them! We think that is pretty awesome. And, of course, without YOU, there is no market. Thanks for helping us make it possible.

With all that said…let’s hope it’s sunny next week.


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