Local, Organic Filmmaking

Remember this awesome movie? Last year, Ambler native Joe Ronca put that together for us, donating all of his time and talent to help us look good. Joe has been indispensable in helping our market gain traction on social media as well as other Ambler businesses and we want to help him in his latest endeavor.

In the spring of 2014, Joe set out to produce a feature length film in his hometown of Ambler. Now, a year later, they are knee-deep in production and need your help. “By the Dashboard Light” is a clever and witty comedy written by Media, PA. screenwriter Sienna Golden Malik and featuring veteran character actor (and Philly native) Jon Polito (The Big Lebowski) and Margaret Reed (Seinfeld, As the World Turns). The production company Keasbey Mattison Filmworks partnered with the Philadelphia Film Office and is scheduled to begin filming in October 2015. But before a single camera rolls… the crew needs your help!


“We’ve just begun fundraising our film through the crowdfunding website Indiegogo. By contributing to our campaign you will help us pave the way for filmmakers around the world who refuse to give in to the Hollywood Big Budget Machine.” Ronca says, “There are passionate people out there who’s talents would go unnoticed… who’s stories would otherwise go untold if not for the support of generous people who support local artists.”

For those unfamiliar with the crowdfunding process… it’s a simple method of raising money through a handful of small donations that ultimately add up to the budgeted amount. Websites like Kickstarter.com have made this a very popular and successful alternative to finding one financier to fund the entire project. “By the Dashboard Light’s” funding is well on it’s way, but will require contributions from people like you to find success.

“We have raised over 22% of our goal through friends and family. Now we’re reaching out to the community.” says Joe. “We’re looking for individuals as well as businesses to contribute. There are perks available for those who donate (such as autographed memorabilia, t-shirts, tickets to the Ambler Theater premiere and more)… and advertising opportunities available for businesses.”

They are also looking for Executive and Associate producers. These are individuals who will fund the bulk of the project and will see a return on their investment when the film sells. They will get their name on the film as well as their own page on IMDB (the Internet Movie Database) “Companies like Netflix, Amazon, Video OnDemand and iTunes are buying small independent movies up left and right. The market for these types of films is wide open right now. There is no better time to invest.” says Joe. “It’s like buying your way into Hollywood.”

For more information, visit the film’s website: www.bythedashboardlight.com and check out the trailer. There you will also find links to the movie’s Indiegogo Fundraising Page. Please consider making a contribution and supporting true, local independent cinema and the arts in Ambler.

Let’s help our friend Joe get his movie produced!


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