Vendor Spotlight – Frecon Farms


When we think of Frecon Farms, our first thoughts probably turn to their cavalcade of fruits that nourish our collective sweet teeth throughout the Summer (their fruit butters are ridiculous as well…have you ever tried the Cherry Butter?). True, we would be hard pressed to find a more delicious variety of tree fruit in the state, but there is more…so much more! And while we patiently await the beginning of “fruit season”, we can still enjoy Frecon goodness…

Frecon Farms opened their Estate Cidery seven years ago and their Bakery one year ago. In keeping with the Frecon Family principles of quality and desire to do things the right way (even if that means it’s the hard way), both Frecon’s Cidery and their bakery adhere to hand crafting a year round, tree fruit culinary experience.

Frecons Cidery is an “Estate” Cidery, meaning that                                   FRECON                         all fruit used in the creation of their ciders is grown on the family farm. The Frecons select specific apples from the orchard with distinct tannic, aromatic, and acidic qualities creating traditional European dry ciders with an American twist. Natural ingredients such as White American Oak, Local Wild Flower Honey, and Golden Raisins fortify the ciders flavor and traditional bottle conditioning is used to add carbonation. Frecon ciders are aged a minimum of five months to allow the natural conversion of sugar to alcohol and layers of complex flavors to develop. Frecon’s Cider has been recognized by the Great Lakes Cidery and Perry Association and featured in Edible Philly, The Philadelphia Inquirer and most recently, WHYY Friday Arts!

There’s more…their cidery extends beyond the fermentation of cider – Frecon’s Apple Cider Vinegar uses the centuries old Orleans process where quality wine juice is unnamed (1)converted to vinegar in French Oak Barrels. The Orleans process is a perpetual cycle that transforms wine into vinegar while in the barrels by the living mother. Upon the conversion of wine to vinegar and extraction for bottling, fresh juice is poured into the barrels keeping the mother alive for another cycle. With each cycle new layers of complex flavors are added to the vinegar. You can purchase this Vinegar at our market. Wow!

And guess what…right, there’s more…

IMG_2558    IMG_2874

Frecon’s Bakery, under the direction of head baker Holly Haas (professionally trained at Drexel School of Culinary Arts), was conceived to offer a year round culinary experience extending Frecon’s market season well before and well beyond the harvest. Continuing the tradition of quality, Frecon’s bakery is a true scratch bakery with all items made from whole ingredients. Every Frecon pie crust is made fresh on site with zero filler and over two pounds of whole fruit!  Frecon Tart Cherry, Peach and Cider doughnuts use 100% real cherry, peach and apple juice and their Apple and Peach Cake comes straight from Martha Frecon’s original recipe!

Imagine that…Saturday night, you pop open a cold bottle of Frecon Cider, sit on the back deck and listen to the evening – then you wake up Sunday morning and enjoy a Tart Cherry Doughnut. See…your weekend is already planned! Stop by the Frecon tent at market and enjoy what they have to offer!


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