Important – New Layout and Parking for the Ambler Farmers’ Market

As most of you know, for the past three seasons we have allowed pedestrians to park in the same SEPTA parking lot that we hold our market in. As the market has grown in both patronage and vendors, we have concluded that having both patron parking and vendors in the same area is no longer safe…especially with the amount of vendors expected this season. Therefore, we have decided to close off the parking lot to patron parking and devote the entire space to the market. However, don’t despair – we now have access to parking all around the market which we are sure you will find to be convenient and safe.

First, patrons of the market can now park on Maple St., Trax side only. Up until now, there was no parking allowed on this side of the street. We also now have access to a large parking lot on the other side of Maple St., courtesy of LTK Engineering Services. That’s not all! We also have access to the other Septa parking lot on Main Street AND finally, we have access to the municipal lot on Butler Ave.

This may post an inconvenience initially but we hope that after a while, it will become old hat to our valued patrons. Below is a map of the parking areas – click for the large version. If you have any questions, please direct them to market manager Ben Bergman at ben@gnrpastures.com.



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