A Composting Talk and a Chance to Compost – WOW!

On Opening Day, May 6th, we are holding a composting talk at the market. This coincides with the new composting program offered by Chef Steve Waxman and Trax Restaurant and Cafe’ Steve has a nice compost pile in the back of Trax which is well managed and has room to grow, so he decided to offer the pile to the community – specifically for those who want to compost but can’t do to whatever may be constraining them. You will be able to drop off your waste to the compost pile and come get compost from the pile when you need it. Conditions are that you must tend to the pile when dropping off and picking up.

At 10 am, Penn State Extension Master Gardner Jane Irvin-Klotz will lead a composting talk, going over the proper techniques of composting and imparting her wisdom on those interested in participating in the program. She has been a Penn State Master Gardener for 20 years and has been a guest lecturer for 28 years giving talks at the Philadelphia Flower Show, Morris Arboretum, and many local schools and club. She has a degree in Horticulture garden design from Temple University.

If you want to participate in this program, you must attend the talk so we know you have learned how to tend the pile and what items are allowed and what items aren’t. Send an e-mail to the market manager at ben@gnrpastures.com to register or for any questions. The talk begins at 10 am at the market and should last about an hour.

Just another reason why the Ambler Farmers’ Market rules!


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